Wednesday, September 07, 2005

my goal

is to be a good person. i havent always been. my goal is to also make this happen effortlessly. a seamless transition if you will.

what music have you been listening to?

for my money, ha not really my money i guess...

the best 16 and a half minutes of music lately has been the segue at the end of abbey road. its like a good book or good movie. it is a good song. there are so many parts. some parts of it i get misty. you never give me your money reminds me of someone just starting out their life who doesnt really know what is going to happen.

You never give me your money
You only give me your funny paper and in the middle of negotiations you break down
I never give you my number only give you my stationin and in the middle of investigationI break down
Out of college, money spent
See no future, pay no rent
All the money's gone, nowhere to go
Any jobber got the sack
Monday morning, turning backY
Yellow lorry slow, nowhere to go
But oh, that magic feeling, knows where to go
Oh, that magic feeling
Nowhere to go...

i love when he says oh that magic feeling. its like a memory of something in the past. it even feels like he is talking about getting high to be happy. oooohhhh that magic feeling. he longs. i like that part

Here comes the sun king
Here comes the sun king
Everybody's laughing
Everybody's happy
Here comes the sun king

Quando paramucho mi amore de felice carathon
Mundo paparazzi mi amore cicce verdi parasol
Questo abrigado tantamucho que canite carousel

there is so much more.

once there was a way to get back home and boy your going to carry that weight for a long time move me so much. it makes me sad.
it makes me think of a relationship that the wheels are spinning in but neither are excited about. but then...
oh yeah oh right are you gonna be in my dreams tonight and
in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make is a beautiful reconciliation.

some of the best 16 minutes of music. i dig it.

what do you dig these days?



At 3:02 PM, Blogger chapsdad said...

someday i hope to be a good person too,:) but while i am waiting for the seams of transition
to be sewed, frayed as they may be, i will in fact keep enjoying the Beatles Abby road. i don't recall if it was their last album but i think that it was for some reason. not only the lyrics but the flow of the music as well into one song. for 16.5 minutes a little of whoever's money buys a little bliss.

At 12:12 AM, Blogger a.chap said...

good call pa. it was their last album.

bagle and i saw a beattles cover band play the entire album at the marlin bar on miami beach. it was great.

i need to clarify something. when i said i like oh that magic feeling and it made me think of them getting high i meant it more like.... ohh shit sucks but i can feel better if i get high like ooooh i have to do this again.


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