Friday, September 16, 2005

a living example

would living my life as an example to everyone conflict with my thoughts on being an invidual and not giving a shit what other people think?

would living as an example even make you happy.

if you do what makes you happiest are you selfish?


At 4:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rarely is any act selfless. Many who donate money or time to charitable organizations do so inpart for the intrinsic reward they receive for having "done a good deed". How many people spend their lives in the service of religion. Is it done because "G-D commands it"? Or is it done with the intention of being rewarded in the "world to come"? Acts of charity, service, and loving kindness brought to fruition in the name of serving a diety, to what end? "It is the proper thing to do, societies can be judged on their treatment of the helpless", or "please lord look favoribly on me reward me for the good deeds i have done"...The human animal is inherently selfish. If you are questioning your motives and intentions, i would say you were purely genuine, and not a spiritual "padantic sychophant"
Personally "I'm Rich Beyaatch, in gifts and spirit. I ask for nothing" so when that is what i get i am not disapointed.


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