Sunday, September 04, 2005

its good to be back

I just sent out an assload of invitations so everyone should be a contributor again. i had some issues. i forgot a lot of things but i have remembered them.

everyone thank kira for being such a bad ass girlfriend. she really does way to much for me. she is in her last year of college now. wish her luck. good luck baby i love you.

how is everyone else?

knitter is gutting houses, i know jason minard is a new dad, so justin is in uncle mode.

chris and annalyn are about to get married. that should be bad ass they both rule.

dan, juice,nathan, and tina are being bad ass roomates and sending kick ass packages and letters. i owe you all a letter and i will start writing them manana. the lza's and my moms mail come in too.

keeth has a new apartment with ryan.

el spania is making cookies instead of studying.

pat isnt online. that amazes me. i hope he isnt dead and or out of money. that kid kicks ass.

the website and fotolog are coming back. its been a very strange three weeks.

ps. im reading sherlock holmes. what are you?


At 2:17 PM, Blogger krylonultraflat said...

my package is going to be a smidge late-ish. it would have a cookie if i thought there was a chance in hell of it surviving.

i'm trying to find a copy of hitchikers guide at the library. i've never read it. beyond that i'm reading about zoning and land use, economics, florida enviornmental law, wierd ass natural resource shit taught by a tree hugger, and (drumroll) florida con law as taught by a crazy old judge with a lisp who i wish was my dad.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Chizz said...

I just saw about 30 old friends from high school last night at Amy Bitticker's wedding. That was pretty sweet. PJ Hartzell was there which I was very happy to see.... He just had a serious brain problem, a stroke or something, anyway, he's like 20, so I'm glad to see he's doing way better. What blows my mind, is that Trey Buist told me when PJ finally woke up in the hospital, he said my name like 10 times. "Knitter? Is that Chris Knitter.... CHRIS KNITTER!!" Weird. Glad to see that Andy Chapman, War Hero is back up, though it's too bad all the old posts are gone..... I wonder what happened.

At 7:30 PM, Blogger a.chap said...

i deleted them. next time just ask.

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Chizz said...

That was my way of asking, I figured you deleted them. It was more like being curious to why you deleted them. Here, I'll pose it as a question... Why'd you delete them?


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